Facilities and Capabilities

Our Services

At MIL-Systems we have extensive in-house engineering capabilities and can undertake all aspects of your product design, testing and manufacture. We aim to provide a professional design and manufacture service for our customers, creating customised solutions for your applications.

MIL-Systems specialises in power electronics and security product design from conception, prototyping, design testing and validation through to volume manufacture.

Multiple stage gates are provided in each project plan allowing customers ample chances to review the project progress. You will have the option to take the project and production back in-house once it has reached a pre-defined development milestone, or leave it with MIL-Systems for turnkey product manufacture, testing and supply.

We can partner with your in-house design team to provide specialised knowledge in our areas of specialty or carry out complete developments including pilot and volume manufacturing on your behalf. Leveraging our experience in complex product commercialisation and manufacture results in a faster time to market and access to our existing network of suppliers and manufacturing partners.

Our Facilities

MIL-Systems has a well-equipped research and development laboratory, a radio frequency (RF) screened room, an environmental test chamber, 115Vac 400Hz aircraft supply and an electro-mechanical workshop. The manufacturing area includes plant and equipment for final assembly, test and burn in of MIL-Systems’ products.

Production Facilities

Small-volume, high-quality printed circuit boards (PCB) are hand loaded and soldered at MIL-Systems. For larger production volumes sub-contractors are used to load and solder surface-mount device (SMD) parts and perform high-volume wave soldering. These sub-contractors are trained in special areas by MIL-Systems and only use the solder alloys and fluxes specified by MIL-Systems. MIL-Systems performs the final assembly, test and quality control of all its products.

Our production equipment includes:

  • Proprietary production and stock control software.
  • Production area for electronic and mechanical assembly.
  • Transformer/Inductor winding machine.
  • High voltage isolation testers.
  • HP-VEE instrumentation software.
  • LabVIEW instrumentation software.
  • Proprietary software for Automated Test Equipment (ATE) control.
  • Specially constructed ‘bed-of-nails’ test jigs.
  • HP/Agilent Data Acquisition Units.
  • Specially constructed burn-in loads and racks.

R&D Capabilities

MIL-Systems’ development engineers have a wide variety of design tools and test equipment at their disposal. The equipment allows MIL-Systems to design products and conduct extensive electrical and environmental testing to ensure that our customers’ requirements are met.

The software, tools and equipment that MIL-Systems employ include:

  • Extensive data libraries in both hard copy and soft copy format.
  • Micro-Cap 7 circuit simulation software.
  • Altium DXP schematic capture and pcb design software.
  • SolidWorks 3D CAD software.
  • AutoCad drawing software.
  • Machine shop with lathe, drill press, and metalworking tools.
  • RF screened room for EMC pre-compliance testing.
  • Environmental test chamber.
  • 115Vac 400Hz aircraft supply.
  • Yokagawa 4 channel digital oscilloscopes.
  • HP and Tektronix Spectrum Analysers.
  • Xitron and Voltech Power Analysers.
  • HP Multi-frequency LCR meter.
  • HP 6½ digit reference multimeters.
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