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MIL-Systems has been operating in Melbourne since 1987 to provide system engineering and product design services to the Australian defence and security industries.

Since 1992 MIL-Systems has specialised in the design of switch mode power supplies and battery backup systems. In 1994 MIL-Systems started manufacturing its own designs of specialised high value power supplies for the military and communications markets. Power supplies manufactured range from 10W to 1.5kW, providing ac/dc and dc/dc conversion for fixed indoor/outdoor and mobile ground/air installations.

MIL-Systems also develops and manufactures specialist SCEC Type 1A  security systems incorporating the latest encryption techniques, which are installed in the highest classified security buildings throughout Australia.

With extensive in-house experience designing and manufacturing switch mode power supplies, power electronics and security products we are the ideal partner for your next product development.

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Australian Manufacturing 

Small-volume, high-quality printed circuit boards (PCBs) are able to be hand loaded and soldered at MIL-Systems. For larger production volumes Australian sub-contractors are used to load and solder surface-mount device (SMD) parts and perform high-volume wave soldering. These sub-contractors are trained in special areas by MIL-Systems and only use the solder alloys and fluxes specified by MIL-Systems.

MIL-Systems performs the final assembly, test, programming and quality control of all its products.

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