About Us

Company History

MIL-Systems was founded in 1987 by Geoff Lowe to provide system engineering and product design services to the Australian defence industry.

MIL-Systems is located in West Footscray Victoria, 5km from the centre of Melbourne. MIL-Systems’ office and laboratory accommodates an experienced staff of engineers, technicians and assemblers. Between them, MIL-Systems’ engineers have more than 150 years experience designing power electronics products with training and experience in international and Australian companies such as Honeywell, Thales (Thorn-EMI) UK, Celab Power UK, Legrand France and Nemic Lambda Japan.

MIL-Systems’ quality system was set up to meet the requirements for military projects ensuring it is robust and provides benefits to all industries. The Army, AWADI and British Aerospace have assisted this process and inspected MIL-Systems to “meet the purposes and intent of MIL-STD-973 Configuration Management”. In addition to MIL-STD-973, MIL Systems has adopted many elements of the ISO 9001 quality system and has a longer term plan to integrate the two systems.

Recent awards earned
by MIL-Systems include:


MIL-Systems was awarded the New Technology award by the Victorian Government to recognise our contribution to the Victorian manufacturing industry. Under an Advanced Manufacturing Co-operative Research Centre (AMCRC) program in conjunction with RMIT University, MIL-Systems has developed and manufactured a new generation solar inverter with reactive power control.

Value of this Award

Industry recognition of outstanding companies operating in the high growth sectors.


Open to all companies including those which have previously been recognised by the Victorian Manufacturing Hall of Fame program:

  • Food and Fibre Processing
  • International Education
  • Medical Technology and Pharmaceuticals
  • New Energy Technology
  • Professional Services
  • Transport, Defence and Construction Technology Award