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MIL-Systems offers specialist capabilities that are not otherwise provided by generalist development and consulting organisations. MIL-Systems' engineers have specialised in the area of analog and communications electronics and switch-mode power conversion. These engineers have undertaken developments of analog, power and energy storage systems for:

  • British Aerospace Aust (Aust Army Parakeet 4.1/4.2 Rugged Power Supply design and manufacture),

  • Compucat/Critec (Rugged 28V DC power supply with battery back up for the Australian Army),

  • Telstra (Battery load testing and data logging),

  • Honeywell Space & Aviation (Power supplies and battery systems for various military computers and display systems),

  • Codan Qld (Project Parakeet phase 4.3 and 6 satellite ground station rugged power supplies),

  • Tennyson Technologies (Telecommunications power system for the SOX small office exchange).

  • Codan Qld (unity power factor 1.2kW 90A output AC/DC converters for satellite base stations),

  • RMS Pty Ltd (AC/DC isolation power supplies for electrical distribution utilities).

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