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Design & Test


MIL-Systems is well equipped to handle the manufacture of its various products. Small volume high quality PCBs are hand loaded and soldered. For higher volumes of through hole and/or surface mount boards, the assembly is performed by several contractors under close supervision to ensure high standards. All production testing is performed by MIL-Systems' test engineers and technicians using instrumentation control software and specially constructed test jigs.

MIL-Systems' production equipment includes:

  • Proprietary production and stock control software
  • Production area for electronic and mechanical assembly
  • Transformer/Inductor winding machine
  • High voltage isolation testers
  • HP-VEE instrumentation software
  • LabVIEW instrumentation software
  • Specially constructed 'bed-of-nails' test jigs
  • HP/Agilent Data Acquisition Units
  • Specially constructed burn-in loads and racks
Facilities - Library

Facilities - Library
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